Farnsworth Tree Farm
Growing Quality Trees

treesm3.gifChoose the right site...

Production of quality Christmas Trees starts with careful site selection. Farnsworth Tree Farm's 360 acres in Montcalm County's Pine Township is the perfect location. Situated in the heart of Michigan's Christmas Tree country, our farm boasts the light, well drained soil and rolling hills that nourish growth and provide protection from late-season frosts.


treesm3.gifPlant the best seedlings...

Next comes the choice of nursery stock. Farnsworth Tree Farm selects locally grown plants from proven seed sources that are best adapted to the local micro-climate. Seedlings are planted in well spaced rows and cultivated during their early years to encourage sturdy growth with the minimum use of chemicals. We plant our seedlings in a cover crop of rye to protect against weed and cultivation damage and to provide shade for the delicate seedlings.


treesm3.gifNurture during growth...

As they develop, fertilizer is applied annually to encourage maximum budding and maintain vibrant color. When necessary, the trees are sprayed to minimize damage from insects or fungus. And each year, they are carefully trimmed to produce a full, but natural shape.


treesm3.gifHarvest with care...

At maturity, only the best of the trees are tagged for sale, and only 80% of these are actually sold. This assures our customers that their orders will be filled with only the highest quality trees available. During harvest, trees are always cut and baled the same day to maintain moisture. Within 24 hours of cutting, baled trees are stacked for storage and covered with opaque white plastic sheets to further reduce moisture loss.

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